Millions of animals around the world are tortured, live in appalling conditions and die suffering. You would think in “Clean Green New Zealand” that this wouldn’t happen, but it does, it happens every day and we are supporting it! The majority of New Zealanders, without knowing it, support animal cruelty – when purchasing cosmetics, skincare and hair products, household cleaners and even food!

I believe we can all make a difference. When you research animal cruelty it seems overwhelming, it seems like it’s part of every product and you can’t get away from it. But what if you looked at changing one product a month? Take one item that you buy at the supermarket that is tested on animals (e.g. soap), or the product of animal suffering (e.g. battery hens) and endeavour to replace it with a cruelty-free alternative. You can also write to the supplier/manufacturer of your usual product and ask them to change their testing or farming methods.

I’ve created this website to blog my personal journey taking funding away from animal cruelty. I hope this will encourage others to do the same and that this website will become a good source of information on cruelty free products that are available.

Nyree Jones.

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